EraThr3 Sterling Silver Zipper Pulls

$ 110.00

EraThr3 is constantly bringing something a little different to the table. Custom designed EraThr3 Zipper Pulls/Charms made from 100% Sterling Silver are probably some of the coolest we've found on the market. Designs based on a few things in life we love an appreciate. EraThr3, fast cars and.....beautiful women.  


E3 LOGO - 0.4oz., 3/4" Tall, 3/8" Thick

E3 PISTON - 0.2oz., 7/8" Tall, 7/16" at its Thickest

E3 STRIPPER - 0.5oz., 1 3/4" Tall, 1/4" Thick


These are very limited runs about ten each. Once they're gone, they're gone.