We're proud to be associated with Clint and Heidi Smith of Thunder Ranch, and advocate continued firearms training, regardless of one's "perceived" expertise. Qualifying is one thing, staying current is another. 

Clint Smith, President and Director of Thunder Ranch, is Marine Corps a veteran with two infantry and Combined Action Platoon tours in Vietnam. His experience includes seven years as a police officer, during which he served as head of the Firearms Training Division, as well as being a SWAT member and precision rifleman. 

He left law enforcement to serve as Operations Officer for the American Pistol institute, where he was Dean of Instruction. In 1983, Clint founded International Training Consultants, Inc., an active mobile training program which is nationally recognized for innovative programs in Urban Rifle, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, and various handgun formats. Along the way, Clint also served as Director of Training for Heckler and Koch, Inc., where he developed a curriculum of progressive courses for both conventional and fully automatic weapons systems.

In 1993, Thunder Ranch, Inc. was opened with a focus on innovative firearms training. Clint's diverse shooting range designs brought a multitude of experiences to one location, creating the types of ranges not seen before in a single location. 

In addition to his day job, Clint is a regular contributor to American Handgunner, American Cop, Guns, SWAT, and many other national and international publications.

In 2004, Thunder Ranch was moved to its current location in Central Oregon. Based just outside of Lakeview, the facility is easily accessed, and provides a "second home" to many of us who Clint and Heidi have taken in over the years.

"Our primary concern is that people who come to Thunder Ranch leave with piece of mind in their heart and head. We strongly hope that they never have to use any of the skills or things learned here for the defense of themselves or their family. But if they do, we want this knowledge to be used confidently, and with great vigor. The only goal is to win". ~Clint & Heidi Smith


Clint & Heidi Smith

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