Yeah, we're not hiring... ever again:

I walked into Sheri's office, just as she delivered a verbal punch to the gut of some poor guy on the other end of the telephone. Just like that, she busted a super fan's bubble who was just looking for a job at the "coolest place to work in the world." Once I picked myself up off the floor, and dried my eyes, it all became clear. Two years of sacrifice, relentless dedication and countless letdowns have brought us to the point of recognizing that some people really do suck. Not all people, but a lot of them.
We've been put-off, lied to, stolen from, manipulated, discredited, shit on and pushed to the point of almost tapping out. All courtesy of people that we've paid, trusted and even some that we considered family. Then, at that very moment, it was clear as mud.... As Sheri so eloquently put it: "We won't be hiring anybody... ever again."
Now, clearly that can't be the case, but it sure felt like a good plan at the moment. Truth is, we continue to grow at a mind-blowing rate and we're in dire need of some good people that can help carry some of the weight. Currently, we're looking for a few independent designers and/or artists that share a like minded commitment to never give in, and always deliver on the promise to produce.
Specifically, we're on the hunt for a few graphics designers that can create digital artwork in any modern format. If you've got the skills, and want a piece of the action, simply submit a resume and some examples of your work to the following address:
EraThr3, LLC - Attention HR
351 California Ave
Grants Pass, OR

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June 17, 2016 by Ken Hutchison
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GG Special Services MNGT, LLC

GG Special Services MNGT, LLC said:

You all freaking rock hard :)



Michael said:

Sorry, couldn’t help but laugh at your hiring frustrations.
I’ve had the exact same experience oh too many times.
Overstated experience
Empty promises
Stoned on the job

GOOD luck with your search.
Don’t give up
There are still some stand up people out there.

I’m not asking about a position
Nor an artist

Best regards

Oregon Shooters

Oregon Shooters said:

Not only can I fully relate, I know EXACTLY who you are talking about as he screwed me over as well as several others I know. Maybe it’s time to pull his DD214 and see how much, if any, truth there is in his service claims. This Ain’t Hell and Stolen Valor may have some interest depending on what the DD214 says.

Best of luck to you moving forward! :)

Ryan Ambrose

Ryan Ambrose said:

I would pick up and move across the country to work with your company. These others have the opportunity and just throw it away, what a shame. Best of luck and keep the great work coming!!!

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